Frequently Asked Questions

I can't find the tube I'm looking for, can I ask you to find it and provide it to me?

Not only can you, but we strongly encourage you to do so!

Indeed, the products presented on the site represent only a tiny part of what we can provide you.

Putting all the articles online would take several lives, which is why the sheets are integrated into the site as you make your requests, as a priority.

To make it simple, access the quotation form on the home page.

In the end, VINT'ELEC is more of a service company than a traditional sales company.

Where do all these tubes that are no longer manufactured come from?

During its recent restructuring, CIEL ELECTRONIQUE, which has refocused its activities on the industrial and military sectors, had to abandon its tubes for private customers.

However, it is one of the most important stocks in Europe, corresponding to 70 years of cumulative storage!

VINT'ELEC's mission is to give a new lease of life to the tube market, which, like vinyl records, has been experiencing a fully justified comeback for several years. 

Supplies are also made worldwide, but only from qualified and guaranteed sources.

What exactly do the terms NOS and NIB mean?

NOS stands for "New Old Stock", so it is a new tube but only old made.

NIB stands for "New in Box", it is a question of new tubes in original box, old or manufactured.

In the case of NOS tubes, the ideal is that it should also be NIB, which in principle guarantees that they are brand new.

A NOS product without an original box can be sold as new, but after a test bench test.

In this case, he still loses his rating.

Does the photo correspond well to the delivered product?

Always yes, if the brand is mentioned on the form.

On the other hand, if the brand indicates: Europe, USA, Russia or International, it means that the stock is composed of several brands, the photo is therefore representative of the product delivered but not contractual. However, if the brand is decisive for you, do not hesitate to ask us for details, we will be happy to inform you.

On many pictures, the box is not shown, how do I know if it is provided or not?

Indeed, it is not the photo that tells you this but the NIB logo. In this case, the original box is always provided.

If, however, the photo of the box is decisive for you, on request, we will be happy to forward it to you.

Many of the cards are marked "Photo on request" it's a bit of a shame because we would like to really see the item we want to order!

Indeed, the goal is to put as many photos online as possible, but it is a long-term work because it is an almost artisanal approach.

Most of them are "Vintage" components, each sheet is made one by one, which is very time-consuming.

Is it possible to obtain technical information?

Absolutely, but you still have to be registered on the site.

Simply go to the bottom of the home page, in the contact us section and select the topic Technical Service.

The Technical Manager has all the skills to provide you with useful information because he is an expert in electronics and microwave, amateur radio, audiophile and musician.