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Your faithful amp shows signs of fatigue, or you want to optimize and/or customize it according to your musical style... It's time to change the tubes and give it a second youth.

You have sufficient technical knowledge, you feel able to change the tubes and adjust the bias for the power tubes, so let us know the make and model of your amp and your musical style and we will advise you for the replacement that we think is most appropriate.

Beyond the brand chosen for the tubes, a decisive aspect is the choice of grade.

Indeed, we classify lamps into 3 categories:

Low grade: These tubes saturate quickly and attack gently. Particularly suitable for blues or rock.

The average grade: These tubes have a clear attack and a good dynamic. Versatile, they are suitable for all styles of play.

High grade: Tubes provide the least distortion at high power. A better dynamics with the counterpart of a slightly more aggressive sound, often used for heavy metal and some bass amps. Particular attention must be paid to the settings for these tubes.

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