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Experienced in transmission techniques, or simply passionate about repairing vintage electronic equipment, you are looking for tubes specialized in the transmission field, specific electronic components, active or passive.

VINT'ELEC, can supply you with 90-95% of the electronic components that have been produced, all brands combined, European, American or Asian.

Like our consumer society, today's equipment is no longer designed to last but to operate reliably only for a limited period of time.

The term programmed obsolescence seems excessive, but it is clear that consumer demand for ever more innovative products for the same budget is not unrelated to this underlying trend.

Digital has certainly brought its share of comfort and many formidable practical aspects that should not be opposed to analog but rather married.

This is particularly true in audio, like vinyl records, hits have been back in favor for many years, and this is not just a fashion phenomenon, but a strong trend because, quite simply, we have not done better than our forebears in this area.

Our large stock of old (but new, of course) components allows us to offer you industrial and even military range products at very reasonable prices because of obsolete technology.

Whether you are looking for a precise reference for a repair or if you wish to start a small series remanufacturing, do not hesitate to let us know your need at because only a tiny part of our stocks are already online on the site.

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