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In love with these old-fashioned jobs, we want to help you bring them back to life.

Admittedly, apart from exceptional examples, many of these posts can be found in almost every garage sale at low prices, but restoring them in perfect working order is another story.

Indeed, the time to spend to restore their original lustre is a real investment, material but especially in manpower.

For the patience and love of a job well done, we can only admire you because it is often a passion without lucrative idea most often but the pleasure of reviving these beautiful objects that have a soul and a history.

On the other hand, for the tube part and other components, we can help you.

Our role is to allow you to supply all the tubes you need for the restoration of a complete substation.

Of course, we cannot compete with the prices you can find on some private exchange sites, but take into account the savings by grouping your purchases in the same place, in terms of transport, time saved, warranty.

You only have one contact person left, and moreover, by sharing your purchases, you can benefit from discounts, free transport, loyalty gift vouchers... in short, compare what is comparable and you will find that VINT'ELEC, in use, is an interesting alternative, in any case, we will do everything to prove it to you.

Important : If you do not find some tube references on the site, make your request to and we will put the missing references online as soon as possible. Indeed, barely 3% of our stocks are present on VINT'ELEC.

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