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Whether the tubes of your amplifier are reaching the end of their life or you want to optimize the sound quality of your CD player, VINT'ELEC is here to help you make your choice.

As you probably know, there are 2 approaches, the tubes still manufactured and the "NOS" tubes.

For audio tubes, production is mainly focused on China and Russia, as far as we are concerned, our selection was mainly oriented towards one of the last European manufacturers, namely JJ ELECTRONIC, which, for very reasonable prices, offers products of very good quality and constantly innovative.

Like all other manufacturers, tubes must be carefully selected.

Indeed, in the past, lamps were aged for several tens of hours before being marketed. Today, for ever-increasing profitability constraints, it is up to the distributor to assume this role.

Supplying tubes without clear indications of fitting conditions is therefore a guarantee that your audio equipment will not be optimized. If you have any doubts about the choice of tube and/or the selection of the pairing, do not hesitate to contact the technical service with the references of your device.

The other alternative, for the most demanding audiophiles, when possible, is to switch to old-fashioned tubes.

The quality of manufacture at the time and the materials used, certainly offer longer service lives and an unequalled finesse of listening, but stocks are constantly running out, and prices are sometimes prohibitive for some references according to their scarcity.

Your choice will therefore depend on the possibilities of the market and your budget, but whatever your option, do not lose sight of the fact that you are not only buying a tube, but also its selection.

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