About Vint'Elec 1

VINT'ELEC - Vintage electronic components for audiophiles and components.

Its mission:

Provide all obsolete components, which are no longer available from franchised dealers. Very often resulting from excess stock of industrial and military range, you have access to products of much higher quality than the general public ranges generally distributed and especially you can maintain in state high quality devices that we no longer know how to produce in our consumer society.

The products concerned are mainly:

              - Electronic tubes
              - Semiconductors (Integrated circuits, diodes, transistors,...)  
              - Passive components (Capacitive, resistive, inductive,...)

The areas concerned are mainly:

              - Audiophiles
              - Musicians (guitar, organ,...)
              - Radio amateurs and technicians
              - Collectors

All supplied components, although of old production, are all supplied new and guaranteed.

VINT'ELEC brings you, in addition to its stock, one of the largest in Europe, its worldwide network of qualified suppliers (thus avoiding numerous counterfeits).

Our sources are only stockists like us, with whom we have built strong and trustworthy relationships.

Our assets : 

              - No minimum overall order amount
              - Reduced transport package: 4.95 euros including VAT for metropolitan France and free of charge from 150 euros including VAT
              - Quantitative discount and loyalty applications
              - No multiple transport costs, payments, customs fees in case of import
              - Same warranty to the manufacturers of the components supplied
              - Access to the world's best sources for wholesalers only
              - A single contact person at your disposal to save you precious time

Due to its recent introduction on the Internet, not many products are already online, barely 3% of the components in stock, because each sheet is prepared in an "artisanal" way, which is very time-consuming.

If you do not find the product you are looking for, no problem, make your request and we will put it online so that you can order it directly if our conditions suit you.

VINT'ELEC - Vintage electronic components for audiophiles and components.

About Vint'Elec 2