• 0Z4G / OZ4G RCA
  • 0Z4G / OZ4G RCA
  • 0Z4G / OZ4G RCA
  • 0Z4G / OZ4G RCA
  • 0Z4G / OZ4G RCA
  • 0Z4G / OZ4G RCA


The 0Z4G / OZ4G RCA is a rectifier tube that is perfect for audiophiles who are looking to enhance their musical experience. This tube provides excellent sound quality while also offering reliable and efficient power output. It features a high-quality construction with a sturdy and durable design, making it an ideal choice for those who are looking for a long-lasting and high-performing rectifier tube. Additionally, the 0Z4G / OZ4G RCA is very easy to install and maintain, ensuring a hassle-free experience for users. Technical specifications include a maximum output voltage of 350 volts and a current rating of 60 mA.
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The 0Z4G / OZ4G RCA is an essential rectangular tube component for any audiophile looking to enhance their musical experience. With its advanced technology and superior quality, this rectifier tube offers the perfect solution for anyone looking to upgrade their electronic components.

Designed with the music lover in mind, the 0Z4G / OZ4G RCA offers unmatched sound clarity and purity. Its unique design allows it to produce a smooth, warm sound that is perfect for listening to all kinds of music. Whether you prefer classical, jazz or rock music, this component will breathe new life into your audio system.

The technical specifications of this component are equally impressive. The 0Z4G / OZ4G RCA is a diode tube that is designed to work with high voltage circuits. It has a maximum plate voltage of 330 volts and a maximum current of 70 milliamps. This makes it the perfect choice for powering audio systems that require high voltage and low current.

Additionally, the 0Z4G / OZ4G RCA has a high breakdown voltage, which ensures that it can withstand extreme temperatures and voltage fluctuations without any issues. This reliability makes it the top choice for many audiophiles around the world.

Overall, if you're looking for a reliable and high-quality rectifier tube for your audio system, then the 0Z4G / OZ4G RCA is the perfect option. With its superior sound quality and advanced technology, it is guaranteed to take your music listening experience to the next level. Get yours today and start enjoying your favourite tunes in crystal clear sound!

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K8A - Octal (8 pins)
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