12DQ6B / 12GW6
  • 12DQ6B / 12GW6

12DQ6B / 12GW6

The 12DQ6B/12GW6 power/output pentode tubes are a must-have for any audiophile looking for optimum sound quality. These tubes deliver exceptional performance, providing rich and warm musical characteristics that will enhance any audio system. With their high output power and low distortion, the 12DQ6B/12GW6 tubes are perfect for powering amplifiers, preamps, and other audio equipment. Their sturdy construction ensures long-lasting durability, making them a reliable choice for even the most demanding of applications. Get ready to take your music-listening experience to the next level with these amazing tubes.
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The 12DQ6B / 12GW6 is a power/output pentode tube that is perfect for audiophiles who are looking for high-quality sound performance in their electronic components. This particular tube boasts exceptional musical attributes that will elevate your listening experience to new heights.

One of the key features of the 12DQ6B / 12GW6 tube is its impressive power output. With a maximum plate dissipation of 18 watts, this tube is capable of delivering strong, clear audio signals that will fill a room with crisp, detailed sound. Its high gain and low distortion also make it an excellent choice for amplifying signal input from other audio devices in your system.

Another great feature of the 12DQ6B / 12GW6 tube is its durability. Constructed with high-quality materials and designed with precision, this tube delivers reliable performance and longevity, ensuring that your audio components will remain in top condition for years to come. Its compact design also makes it easy to install in tight spaces, making it an ideal choice for smaller audio systems.

In terms of technical specifications, the 12DQ6B / 12GW6 tube features a filament voltage of 6.3 volts and a maximum plate voltage of 400 volts. It also has a maximum plate current of 130 mA and a grid bias voltage of -12.6 volts.

So whether you're a music lover or an audiophile, the 12DQ6B / 12GW6 tube is an exceptional choice for powering your audio components. With its exceptional musical attributes, impressive power output, and reliable performance, it's sure to take your listening experience to the next level.

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