The 12AT7 SYLVANIA is a premium RF/IF tube that delivers exceptional sound quality for audiophiles. With its low noise and high gain characteristics, it enhances the musical experience by providing clear and accurate tones. This tube also boasts excellent reliability and longevity, making it a popular choice for many electronic enthusiasts. With its superior performance and technical specifications, the 12AT7 SYLVANIA is an excellent choice for any audio system seeking heightened sound quality.
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Manufacturer's warranty: 1 year for all components except electronic tubes 3 months

The 12AT7 SYLVANIA tube is a high-performance RF/IF tube that offers excellent sound quality for audiophiles who want to enhance their listening experience. This tube has been designed with a focus on musical characteristics and boasts superior audio performance that is perfect for use in audio equipment.

The 12AT7 SYLVANIA tube features a low noise floor, ensuring that even the most subtle nuances of your music are clearly heard. It has a unique tone that captures every detail of your music, making it ideal for use in amplifiers, preamps, and other audio equipment.

In addition to its superb sound quality, the 12AT7 SYLVANIA tube also incorporates advanced technical features to provide maximum efficiency and reliability. It has low microphonic noise, which means that vibrations do not affect the signal transmitted through the tube. This ensures that the tube is extremely stable and produces consistent output, even under challenging conditions.

In terms of specifications, the 12AT7 SYLVANIA tube operates at a voltage range of 60V to 330V, with a heater voltage of 6.3V. It has a maximum plate current of 22mA and a gain factor of 60. These features make this tube suitable for use in a wide range of audio equipment, including guitar amplifiers, receivers, and tape machines.

Overall, the 12AT7 SYLVANIA tube is a top-quality RF/IF tube that delivers exceptional sound quality and reliability. If you are looking for a high-performance tube for your audio equipment, the 12AT7 SYLVANIA tube is an excellent choice. With its superior tone and advanced technical features, it is sure to take your listening experience to the next level.

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