6N6P / 6Н6П
  • 6N6P / 6Н6П
  • 6N6P / 6Н6П

6N6P / 6Н6П

The 6N6P / 6Н6П power twin triode tubes are perfect for audiophiles looking to enhance their audio experience. With a robust construction and excellent performance, these tubes deliver exceptional sound quality and reliability. The 6N6P / 6Н6П tubes feature low noise levels, high linearity, and a wide frequency response, making them suitable for high-fidelity audio applications. Whether you're a passionate listener or a professional in the audio industry, these power twin triode tubes will ensure that you enjoy every note, delivering rich and immersive sound reproduction. Upgrade your audio system with the 6N6P / 6Н6П tubes for an unparalleled listening experience.

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The 6N6P / 6Н6П is a power twin triode tube that is widely used in the field of audio applications. This versatile and reliable tube offers excellent performance and is highly sought after by audiophiles for its exceptional musical characteristics.

Designed with precision and craftsmanship, the 6N6P / 6Н6П is built to deliver high-quality sound reproduction. With a plate dissipation rating of up to 9 watts, it can handle a significant amount of power, making it ideal for amplification purposes. Its dual triode configuration allows for separate amplification stages, providing greater flexibility in circuit design.

The 6N6P / 6Н6П features a low noise and low microphonics design, ensuring crystal-clear audio reproduction without any unwanted interference or distortion. Its robust construction and high-quality materials contribute to its long lifespan and stable performance, making it a reliable choice for audio enthusiasts.

In terms of electrical characteristics, the 6N6P / 6Н6П operates at a maximum heater voltage of 6.3 volts and has a heater current of 600 milliamps. It has a maximum anode voltage of 250 volts and a maximum anode current of 60 milliamps. These specifications make it suitable for a wide range of audio applications.

When paired with appropriate circuitry, the 6N6P / 6Н6П offers exceptional tonal balance, smooth frequency response, and excellent dynamic range. Its warm and rich sound signature enhances the overall listening experience, bringing out the smallest nuances in music recordings.

Whether you are building a high-end audio amplifier or upgrading an existing system, the 6N6P / 6Н6П power twin triode tube is a fantastic choice. Its musical characteristics and reliable performance make it a valuable addition to any audiophile's equipment lineup. Experience the true potential of your audio system with the 6N6P / 6Н6П.


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