6K7G / VT86A / CV1941
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6K7G / VT86A / CV1941

The 6K7G / VT86A / CV1941 is a high-quality RF/IF tube that offers excellent performance for audiophiles. This tube is known for its exceptional musical characteristics, providing clear and rich sound quality. With its robust design and advanced engineering, this tube delivers outstanding results for critical applications. Technical specifications include a maximum plate power output of 2 watts and a frequency range of 144 MHz to 1290 MHz. Ideal for sensitive receivers and transmitters, this tube is a top choice for anyone seeking superior performance and reliability from their electronic components.
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The 6K7G / VT86A / CV1941 is a high-quality RF/IF tube that has been specifically designed for audiophiles who are looking for the best possible sound quality. This tube provides an exceptional level of performance that is suitable for even the most demanding audio applications.

One of the key features of the 6K7G / VT86A / CV1941 is its ability to deliver outstanding musical characteristics. With its precise and detailed sound reproduction, this tube is perfect for audiophiles who want to hear every note and nuance of their music.

At the same time, the 6K7G / VT86A / CV1941 is also packed with technical features that make it an excellent choice for any audio system. The tube is designed to provide maximum gain and low noise, which ensures that your music sounds clear and crisp at all times.

In addition, the 6K7G / VT86A / CV1941 is built to last. With its rugged construction and high-quality materials, this tube can withstand even the most demanding audio environments. Whether you are using it in a professional recording studio or in your own personal home theater, this tube is sure to deliver excellent performance and reliability.

Overall, the 6K7G / VT86A / CV1941 is an exceptional product that offers a combination of musical characteristics and technical performance. Whether you are an audiophile or a professional audio engineer, this tube is sure to meet your needs and exceed your expectations. So why wait? Order your 6K7G / VT86A / CV1941 today and experience the ultimate in sound quality and performance!

Data sheet

K8A - Octal (8 pins)
Heating parameters
6.3V / 12.6V according to series or parallel assembly
Connection on the top