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Whether the tubes of your amplifier are reaching the end of their life or you want to optimize the sound quality of your CD player, VINT'ELEC is here to help you make your choice.

Collector corner


In love with these old-fashioned jobs, we want to help you bring them back to life. <br>Admittedly, apart from exceptional examples, many of these posts can be found in almost every garage sale at low prices, but restoring them in perfect working order is another story.

Guitarist corner


Your faithful amp shows signs of fatigue, or you want to optimize and/or customize it according to your musical style... It's time to change the tubes and give it a second youth.

Radioham corner


Experienced in transmission techniques, or simply passionate about repairing vintage electronic equipment, you are looking for tubes specialized in the transmission field, specific electronic components, active or passive.

VINT'ELEC, can supply you with 90-95% of the electronic components that have been produced, all brands combined, European, American or Asian.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the photo correspond well to the delivered product?

On many pictures, the box is not shown, how do I know if it is provided or not?

Many of the cards are marked "Photo on request" it's a bit of a shame because we would like to really see the item we want to order!

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